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Temporary Staffing Solutions & Qualified Permanent Candidates

With over 30 years experience, Campbell, Edgar Inc. has developed extensive relationships with Canada’s most respected employers, and some of the nation’s most qualified candidates.

Temporary Staffing


Through our temp divisions, Campbell, Edgar places personnel (who are our employees) for temporary or extended assignments across the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, BC.

Coverage for summer holidays, special or major sales, store openings, and peak seasonal selling times – our temporary staffing solutions increase productivity while cutting overtime, dramatically reducing hiring and employee costs.

Permanent Staffing


Campbell, Edgar Inc. provides great staff for permanent / professional positions for retail positions across Canada, from West to East.

Our expertise in identifying, attracting and evaluating qualified candidates across Canada for your organization will save you time and increase your productivity, and ensure that every position is filled appropriately and permanently with the best available in the marketplace.

High Standard of Conduct

As members of the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC, we have a high standard of conduct and a stringent code of ethics that we abide by, which ensures complete confidentiality.

Better Business Bureau