Helping out the Los Cabos Humane Society after the September Hurricane

13-November-2014 5:59 pm by ehay

Well, I’m back in soggy old Vancouver after a lovely cruise to Mexico! ( and I’m cold!!! )

A highlight of our trip was dropping off all the donations we collected for the Los Cabos Humane Society with Aida Trujillo on October 23rd. We also dropped off $300 in cash donations – one of which came from a fellow tourist (John Barrios) on the beach who passed me $100 US to give to them at their Bisbee Booth – so sweet of him!
Anyway this all came about in just a couple of days and I have a lot of people to thank for their help, their monetary and their goods donations:
My good friend Deborah Faurot who helped me lug all the stuff down as well as gave $$, her boss Christine from Expedia Cruise Ship Centers in Kitsilano

My son Ryan Hay and his friend Mike van Horn for donating 2 huge hockey bags to the cause,
Ann Gunderson ,Megan Ferris, Jane Douglas,Trebel Bell, and Sheila all from Anne’s scent classes, our Vancouver Executive Association friends – Duncan MacDonald, Stephen Welcher, Noreen Angus, John Clerides, Sylvia Ellis, Ian Mellor, Linda Enns, Margaret Easton, Anne Crooks, John Arbuckle, and the local Delta merchants that gave me deals on products we bought from them – a big thanks!

In all we brought about $1000 worth of needed equipment to the shelter – that’s pretty outstanding in my book!  Jaxson , one of our D.o.G.s ( Directors of greetings) ws very helpful in the sorting of all the donations….


Jaxson helping sort the donationscabos drop off

The poor scent dog with the customs guy had quite a time of it on the dock, Anne Gunderson ! all those toys and doggie scents to sniff through… he was very professional however and after two separate searches, he did not alert ( thank goodness!!) , nor did he even try to take a toy for himself!! ( wish I could say the same for my Jaxson…)

Thank you all for helping us help the shelter – they were pretty amazed at the Christmas in October they received!!