What the Heck is a CPC Designation?

9-May-2012 5:03 pm by ehay

I was speaking with a new client yesterday, and when I presented him my business card, he noticed my professional designation. He asked me what it meant, and that gave me a perfect opportunity to explain the difference between highly professional recruiters  and others who have not chosen to take the time and education to hone their skills. Like a CGA or CMA designation for accountants, it is not mandatory for people in the profession, but it does separate the”wheat from the chaff” so to speak amongst people practicing in the recruitment industry in North America.

The CPC designation is administered by the Association of Canadian Search, Employment & Staffing Services (ACSESS) in Canada and other staffing industry associations in countries around the world. The CPC designation gives credibility that is recognized by clients, candidates and peers alike.

Along with a certain amount of required industry experience, the CPC is comprised of five core modules including:

Legal Aspects Staffing Services including Government Regulations, Employment Standards

  • Co-Employment issues in the staffing industry, employment standards, employment contracts and employment legislation.

Legal Aspects Recruitment Practices including Human Rights, PIPEDA, Employment Equity

  • Human Rights legislation including employment applications, hiring practices, discrimination, duty to accommodate, harassment, principles of diversity and equality in the workplace including PIPEDA and Employment Equity.

Health and Safety

  • Relevant regulations of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, including WHMIS, critical injury, designated substances and first aid plus regulations under applicable provincial Compensation Acts and basic injury/illness reporting requirements.

Recruitment and Selection

  • Key steps and processes that contribute to effective sourcing of candidates and choosing the candidate most likely to fit client requirements, the required steps in the recruitment and selection process, behavioural and situational interviews, screening, testing and reference checking.

Business Practices and Ethics

  • Acceptable industry business practices and recognizing ethical and unethical staffing practices, recruiter, client and candidate behaviours and strategies of handling situations.

Whether you are a job seeker who wants to receive professional treatment or an employer who wants to hire with utmost confidence, always look for the ACSESS logo and the initials “CPC” following your recruiter’s name to ensure the best and most professional assistance possible.

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