Recruiters Are Like Ninjas

29-March-2011 8:02 pm by ehay

I recently ran across an article by Ty Abernethy that did a good job of describing an overview of the recruiting profession. Ty writes:

“A recruiter is like ninja – they have sharp skills, pay attention to detail, and are super stealth. They can get some flack sometimes, but that’s because many people don’t understand their purpose. However, they’re a very important and valuable part of the hiring process for many companies. Since they’re likely to get you the right employees in a swift manner, they can help you save time and money. You actually have a controlled, fixed cost with recruiters: You’ll know what it’s going to cost you to fill that position.”

I’d just add that you want to make sure that the recruiter you work with – whether you are looking for work, or representing the company needing assistance – has an established reputation for ethical and honest business practices. Check their personal credentials out and check out their business through the BBB.

Also, you should understand that unlike in-house recruiters, third party recruiters are a little bit like real estate agents – most work contingency searches, which means they are only paid if their candidate is hired. Time, connections and efficiency is money to them. So if a company engages several recruiters to the same search with the thought that this will somehow improve their choices, or insist on paying below market fees, they should realize that these strategies will often be reflected in the amount of time, effort and top notch candidates that the recruiters involved will bring to the table.

Companies that agree to work with one recruiter – just like working with one real estate agent – will have their complete attention as well as their determination to bring the absolute best matches to the party.

If you need a top notch candidate, which is a lot like looking for the great love in your life, there’s always a chance that you will find them online – a slim chance, but possible, especially with enough time and energy spent searching the various resume boards and job sites. A good recruiter in my opinion, should be like a matchmaker, one who knows a lots of great people, and carefully matches the needs of both parties to produce a long and fruitful relationship. This is quite different from a “headhunter”, which conjures up a vision of a very one-sided and not necessarily mutually satisfactory introduction!

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