BBB Alert – Attention Facebook Users!

21-March-2011 9:02 pm by ehay

The BBB recently pointed me to a Globe and Mail article on fraud and Facebook by Dianne Nice. In it, she outlines some of the precautions we should take when posting personal information online, even when it’s not financial data. Here are some of Dianne’s tips:

1. Avoid quizzes, free apps, pictures and links – those cute little games that circulate social networking sites are designed to collect your personal information, which is then shared with marketers and tracking companies.

2. Keep passwords safe – Use strong passwords that include numbers, letters and symbols, and change them regularly.

3. Browse safely – Make sure you have a secure, password-encrypted Internet connection, the latest security software and the most recent version of your Web browser installed on your computer.

4. Check site URLs carefully – Don’t trust a link you receive by e-mail. It may be a phishing attempt directing you to a fraudulent website. Look for signs a site is secure before doing business with them. Secure sites begin with “https”.

5. Watch your transactions – At least once a week, check your debit and credit card transactions either by phone or online to catch fraudulent transactions quickly.

6. Review your credit report – At least once a year, order a free credit report from Equifax or TransUnion and check it for discrepancies.

7. Report fraud attempts – To avoid financial liability, it’s important to report fraud quickly. First, notify your financial institution, then contact the two credit bureaus, TransUnion and Equifax, to have a fraud alert placed on your file to minimize damage to your credit history.

See the Globe and Mail article for the full story.

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