Managers’ Behaviour and Profitability

4-October-2010 5:47 pm by webadmin

A recent story in the Vancouver Sun outlined research at the University of Virginia and University of Colorado at Boulder that analyzed the role that managers in small enterprises play in setting the tone for customer satisfaction, and how such satisfaction relates directly to profitability.

The researchers suggest tips for managers who want to increase sales:

Don’t stay in your office. Get out on the sales floor. Serve customers, so that staff see your passion for the store and concern for the customer. Staff will adopt your attitude, practices and concern if you demonstrate it consistently. Be genuine, serve customers and interact positively frequently.

Your behaviour affects the store image. Consumers don’t just buy because they are satisfied; they buy because they believe in the quality of the merchandise. Customers are more likely to spend time in the store, consider the items displayed as worth buying, if the image you convey denotes a high standard. Attentiveness, friendliness, care displaying and handling the merchandise all contribute to the sense that the store cares.

Create a positive environment. This means valuing employee feedback and investing in employees. Ask them about their training needs. Elicit employee feedback about the store, your management and improvements.

See the Vancouver Sun for the full story.

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